License and billing information

This page describes how you can get a license for SMTPeter, what the price structure is and how the billing works.


You need to have a license before you can use SMTPeter. You can create a license by logging in on SMTPeter with your with your Copernica account credentials. If you do not have a Copernica account yet, you can create one over here.

Payment structure

You pay a small amount per month to use SMTPeter. This amount includes a certain amount of emails that can be sent for free. If you want to send more emails, you simply increase your payment. You can send emails as long as your balance is high enough to support the amount of emails you want to send (e.g. if your balance allows for 100.000 emails and you want to send 100.001 emails, you will have to increase your balance). You only pay for the amount of emails that you have sent in a month. So, if you happen to have sent less emails in a month, your credit will be passed to the next month. The price per sent email decreases with the amount of sent emails. This discount will be calculated automatically. For the exact prices you can visit our homepage and scroll to the pricing section below.


All billing is done automatically, and at the end of each month you will receive a receipt/invoice about your costs for the past month.

Other payment options

If you prefer to use a postpay option instead of the pay-as-you-go payment, you can contact us at or call at +31 (0)20 520 61 90.

The post payment method means you will be invoiced for the amount of emails you have sent at the end of each month. Of course the same discounts as in the pay-as-you go payment system apply for the post payment system. This invoice has to be paid within two weeks of the invoice date.