Webhooks for clicks

If you enable click-tracking, SMTPeter rewrites all hyperlinks in your emails. If someone clicks on one of these rewritten links that user first goes to the SMTPeter website, where the click is registered, and is then immediately redirected to the original URL. This all happens automatically and very fast
and is most of the time unnoticeable for your receiver. This technology allows SMTPeter to track all clicks on your mails.

If you set up a click webhook, SMTPeter also notifies you in realtime about these clicks. For each click we send a HTTP POST call (HTTPS is possible too) to your server with the relevant information about the click.


With each POST call the following variables are sent over:

Variable Description
id Unique identifier of the message that was clicked
recipient Email address of the person that clicked
ip IP address of the clicker
url The clicked url (this is the link to the SMTPeter server)
original The original url (this is the link to which the user was redirected)
useragent Optional user agent string (extracted from http request header)
referer Optional referer (extracted from http request header)
tags The tags that you associated with the mail

The "id", "recipient" and "tags" variables allow you to link the click to the originally sent email message.

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