Email authentication

Sending emails can be complicated and time-consuming. By using SMTPeter you don't have to worry about complex things like DKIM signing, SPF, DNS hosting, DMARC or tracking clicks and opens.

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DKIM signing

Once a sender domain is configured, SMTPeter will automatically add a DKIM signature to your email to allow receivers to validate that your message is legitimate.

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DMARC deployment

Tell the receiving ESP what to do if your emails don’t seem to be correctly authenticated. You'll be able to view daily DMARC reports through SMTPeter's dashboard.

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SPF validation

Use SMTPeter's dashboard to set up a sender domain and Peter will take care of hosting your SPF records to confirm that you are the owner of the domain you are sending from.

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Cloud-based SMTP server for fast and secure email delivery

Connect your app via SMTP or REST API and start sending emails through the cloud . SMTPeter improves your email, takes care of the delivery and collects feedback. View detailed analytics from your sent emails including opens, clicks, spam complaints, and more.

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