Getting started

SMTPeter is a cloud based email gateway which takes care of sending your emails. You can choose to send email via the REST API or the SMTP API. After registering, you only need a few things to do in order to start with SMTPeter.

Setting up a Sender Domain and DNS settings

SMTPeter uses the concept of "Sender Domains" to simplify email. This allows you to send your email through our servers without having to worry about complicated things like SPF, DKIM and DMARC. The sender domain confirms that we are sending email on your behalf. First you configure your sender domain (this is from now on mandatory). Don't worry about click- and tracking domains or DMARC deployment for now. Then you incorporate your DNS settings and use your verification code. After these steps you are ready to send mail with SMTPeter.


SMTPeter lets you send email via the REST- and SMTP API. We highly suggest to, if you have options, use the REST API. This API gives you more options, freedom and is more user-friendly overall. On top of that, the REST API is much quicker, because no complex and timeconsuming SMTP handshake is required. You can configure the REST API by obtaining an access token. You can configure the SMTP API by creating login credentials.

That's everything! SMTPeter is now ready to be utilized. Down below, you can read more about what SMTPeter has to offer.

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