REST API Overview

SMTPeter provides a powerful REST API using the HTTPS protocol. The REST API can be used as an alternative to the SMTP API to inject email, but it also supports many methods and options that are not supported with SMTP (like retrieving statistics, or submitting email in JSON format).

You can only use HTTPS connections. Unsecure HTTP requests are not accepted and will result in a '400 Bad Request' response. To access the REST API you need an API access token, which can be created using the SMTPeter dashboard.


To send mail to SMTPeter, you can use both the REST and the SMTP API. However, if you have the choice, we recommend the REST API, because it is much more powerful than SMTP, supports way more features, and the REST protocol is also much less chatty than SMTP: you don't have to go through the entire SMTP handshake before a message is passed from one server to the other.

Error handling

If you submit invalid data, or in case of other errors, the REST API returns a regular HTTP error code and a textual description of what went wrong. Successful calls always return a status code in the "200" range ("200" up to "202").


For many programming languages we have example scripts and classes that you can use to connect to the REST API, so that you do not have to program the low-level API calls yourself, and can use our examples instead.

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