Send with REST API

SMTPeter has a powerful and secure REST API on top of the HTTPS protocol. Sending an email is as simple as sending a HTTP POST request to the following URL:{YOUR_API_TOKEN}

Where {YOUR_API_TOKEN} is the API access token that can be obtained from the dashboard. The body data of the POST call should hold the information about the email and optionally extra settings. A simple but complete call can look like this:

POST /v1/send?access_token={YOUR_API_TOKEN} HTTP/1.0
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 247

    "recipient":    "",
    "from":         "",
    "to":           "",
    "subject":      "This is the subject",
    "text":         "This is example content"

This call will instruct SMTPeter to generate an e-mail message with the specified from, to, subject, and text and to send it to the address specified in recipient.

This is just a simple example. More powerful mails (for example with html or attachments) can be sent too. And you can supply the entire email contents (headers+body) yourself. Check out the following articles for more info:

All available REST calls can be found right here.