Web version

The web version offers a solution for recipients who cannot read HTML emails in their email client. You can include a link to a web version in your email document or template by using the {$webversion} tag. This tag is automatically replaced by SMTPeter with a unique URL for each recipient.

To turn the resulting URL into a clickable link some HTML code is required:

<a href="{$webversion}">View the web version</a>

For emails sent in JSON format, the tag can be included in the url property of any link object. For example, inside a link block:

    "type": "link",
    "label": "View the web version",
    "link": {
        "title": "View the web version",
        "url": "{$webversion}"

By default, the web version is identical to the HTML version. Emails sent in JSON format, however, optimize the generated HTML data for web.

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