All available REST calls

In the table below you find all the available REST calls for the SMTPeter API. The REST API helps you by retrieving, deleting and creating data in your SMTPeter environment. This way, you can incorporate SMTPeter in your own website or application and you're absolutely free to determine which duties SMTPeter should perform.

The following methods are accessible via HTTP GET, POST and DELETE:

Method Address Description
GET List of all attachments for a specific email
GET$id/status Retrieve the status of a datarequest
GET Retrieve DKIM with specific ID
GET Retrieve DKIM for a sender domain
GET Retrieve all dates with available DMARC reports
GET Proposed DNS record for a certain domain
GET Request specific sender domain
GET Request all sender sender domain
GET List of all embedded files + content id (cid)
GET Request used envelope address for specific message id
GET Request events
GET Request webhook settings (feedbackloop is deprecated)
GET Request headers of sent message
GET Request HTML part of sent message
GET Request text part of sent message
GET Request log files information
GET Request recipient of sent message
GET Request SPF information
GET Request specific template
GET Request all template identifiers
POST Create a data request
POST Add new DKIM to sender domain
POST Make or assign a new domain
POST Configure a webhook (feedbackloop is deprecated)
POST Resend a message
POST Send data to SMTPeter
POST Create a SPF record
POST Create a templates
DELETE Delete a DKIM key
DELETE Delete a domain
DELETE Delete a SPF record
DELETE Delete a template

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