Template support

SMTPeter comes with a full blown drag-and-drop editor to manage email templates. If you use this tool to create such templates, you do not have to pass full messages to the SMTPeter API, but you can pass a single template ID instead. SMTPeter will create a personalized message based on the template and send it to the recipient.

This feature allows you to not only use SMTPeter as an email gateway, but also as a centralized template store. Templates can be created and modified using the drag-and-drop editor in SMTPeter's dashboard, and via the REST API. The REST API has a range of methods to create, edit and modify templates, and to send messages based on these templates.

The templating feature if of course optional. If you want to use SMTPeter pure for its forwarding features, you can of course send your own messages through SMTPeter.

Responsive email and JSON

SMTPeter's templates are internally stored as JSON objects. Inside these JSON objects all sorts of properties define the layout of the mail and the texts, images and other content that should appear in the messages.

The drag-and-drop editor is a convenient tool that can be used to edit these templates. However, if you want to access the internal JSON data directly, you can do too. The full specification of the JSON format can be found on the ResponsiveEmail.com website.

When a message is sent that is based on a template, SMTPeter converts the JSON data into a fullblown MIME message that is sent to the recipient. The generated MIME message is responsive, meaning that it displays well on various devices and screen sizes, and that the layout changes based on the size of the screen on which the message is read.