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Powerful APIs that enable you to send, receive and track email effortlessly.

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Why do you need SMTPeter?

Sending emails can be complicated and time-consuming. By using SMTPeter you don't have to worry about complex things like DKIM signing, SPF, DNS hosting, DMARC or tracking clicks and opens.

How does it work?

You send your messages to SMTPeter using REST or SMTP. The messages are processed and optimized, before they are delivered to the recipient's inboxes.

Your server, website, app

You send your messages to SMTPeter using REST or SMTP.

The power of Peter

The messages are processed and optimized on our mail servers.

What happens with your message on SMTPeter's servers?

In the short period that your messages passes our servers, your message is modified and optimized. You can for example enable one or more of the following features:

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DKIM signing

SMTPeter can add a DKIM signature to your email to allow receivers to validate that the message is legitimate.

Modify links

Hyperlinks are replaced and redirected over SMTPeter's servers to track and log all clicks.

Modify envelope

A new envelope address is installed to intercept and track bounces and out-of-office replies.

Email throttling & filtering

SMTPeter prevents that receiving parties get flooded with more messages than they can handle.

Inline CSS

Stylesheets are automatically converted into inline style attributes for best results across populair email clients.

Webversion link

A webversion link can automatically be added to your email. This page is hosted by SMTPeter.


If you add variables to your email, your message will be personalized with recipient specific data.

Image hosting

Embedded images can be stripped and externally hosted. This reduces the size of your messages.

Email archiving

All emails that you send through SMTPeter are archived. You can use the dashboard or the REST API to access them.


Peter catches everything

Even after your message is delivered, SMTPeter stays active to monitor all the feedbacks. Clicks, opens and bounces are tracked and you can get notifications through feedback loops.

Where can you find everything?

REST API and SMTPeter dashboard

SMTPeter dashboard

SMTPeter dashboard

You can find all information about the data Peter receives like log files, statistics, DMARC reports, archived emails and more..

Powerful REST API and realtime notifications

Through the reliable REST API you can easily download log files, analyze statistics or request messages..

Template store

You can use SMTPeter not only as an email gateway, but also as a centralized template store, where you can pre-store your templates. Using the API you can instruct SMTPeter to use these templates for personalised emails.

Drag and drop template editor

SMTPeter comes with a powerful drag-and-drop editor to manage and edit the templates without any knowledge of HTML. You can easily add desired elements such as images, links, share buttons, text, etc. As a bonus, the generated emails are responsive out of the box and work in all modern email clients.

HTML editor

Besides the fancy drag-and-drop editor, you can use the HTML editor, which offers you more freedom and control in designing email templates.

Your templates are stored as JSON objects and they are accessible through the dashboard or the REST API with a unique id.

Template editor screenshots


A SMTPeter license costs € 50 per month. For this price you can send up to 25.000 messages from one IP address and one domain name. If you send more messages, or when you use multiple IPs or multiple domains you will be charged extra.

€ 50 /month

Send up to 25.000 emails per month
1 IP address per month
1 sender domain per month
Number of emails per month Price per 1000
First 25.000 Included in base price
Next 25.000 € 0,19
Next 950.000 € 0,18
Next 5.000.000 € 0,14
Next 45.000.000 € 0,05
All next € 0,04

Additional sender domains cost € 10 per domain per month
Additional IP addresses cost € 20 per IP per month

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What is your experience with SMTPeter?


The automation and integration of transactional emails via SMTPeter is an easy process. Because of this, our people are able to spend their attention more efficiently on the product, and there is no time wasted. Thereby, the process of creating and managing the email templates in SMTPeter is simple but effective because of the drag and drop editor. Results are directly visible and live immediately, if desired.

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The experience with SMTPeter is good. The system is easy to integrate and user friendly. The REST API creates extended options regarding the sending of emails, which resulted in us optimizing our email.

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