Cloud-based SMTP server for fast and secure email delivery.

Connect your app via SMTP or REST API and start sending emails.

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How it works

Send your content and SMTPeter takes care of the rest

1. Connect with SMTPeter

Easily connect your own app with SMTPeter using either SMTP or REST API.

2. SMTPeter sends your emails

SMTPeter takes care of delivering your content to your recipients.

3. Delivered

Your emails are delivered just like your recipients would expect them to be.


SMTPeter comes packed with features which can be enabled or disabled per email message


DKIM signing

Sign your outgoing email messages with DKIM keys to improve your deliverability.

Bounce management

Bounce management

Choose how you want to be notified of undeliverable emails.

Click Tracking

Click Tracking

Automatically measure who clicked on which link without any hassle.

Flexible input

Flexible input

Send HTML or MIME-formatted emails using REST API.

Inline CSS

Inline CSS

Automatically inline your email's CSS for best results across populair email clients.


DMARC validation

Easily setup and manage DMARC records from the SMTPeter dashboard.

Email throttling

Email throttling

Automatic email throttling according to the speed of the receiving mail server.



Connect to SMTPeter using SMTP protocol or easy to use REST API.


Feedback loop

Receive realtime event notifications when something happens on SMTPeter servers.

Also worth mentioning

SMTPeter is secure, easy to integrate and powered by MailerQ

Secure email delivery

Your connection with SMTPeter is encrypted using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

Easy to integrate

Submit your emails via SMTP authentication or REST API. SMTPeter will take care of the rest.

Powered by MailerQ

A top-notch Mail Transfer Agent, designed to deliver emails in the fastest and most efficient way.

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Send up to 25,000 emails for only € 9 a month.

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