Failure logfiles

Log files with the prefix "failures" hold information about the messages for which delivery failed. You can download the content of these files in CSV, JSON, and XML format using the REST logfiles API or the dashboard. These log files contain the following data in the respective order:

Name Description
id The unique id of the message for which delivery failed
time The time we figured the message never could be delivered (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss formatted)
envelope The envelope of the message that failed
recipient The recipient of the failed message
attempt The attempt number (starting from zero)
from The "from" IP address
to The "to" IP address
type The result type
code The SMTP error code
status SMTP status code (like "5.0.0")
description Human readable description received over SMTP
state State in the SMTP protocol during which the error occured
tags The tags of the message (semicolon separated)
templateid The id of the template that is used for the failed message (0 if no template is used or when it is not available)

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