Why do I need an SMTP server like SMTPeter

Since you are on Peter's website, you have most likely already heard or read about SMTPeter.
SMTPeter is a cloud-based SMTP server, which sets you free from all the complex things that you have to deal with when you are a professional sender of email. The time-consuming analysis of data and the signing and securing of emails are implemented within the software. Thereby are DNS hosting, DMARC, DKIM signing and SPF all taken care of by Peter.

While you enjoy your morning coffee, lunch break or every other thing you would rather do throughout your day, Peter tracks everything that happens with your emails. Even after your message is delivered. Clicks, opens and bounces will be communicated by Peter through the dashboard of the software. The DMARC analyzer gives you a convenient documented overview which exactly shows your emails statistics in just one click.

Peter in clouds

So what is so special about Peter?

Peter allows you to communicate with other systems via powerful APIs so you are able to send, receive and track emails effortlessly.

Besides using Peter as an email gateway, it can also be used as a centralized template storage where you can pre-store your email templates. You choose how you would like to create new templates! You can either use the HTML editor which enables you to create templates all to your likes and preferences. Or, if writing code isn't for you, you are able to make templates just as easy with the drag and drop template editor. The drag and drop template editor only needs your input on text and layout so that you can easily put all the necessities into the template.

This creates a win-win situation: while you are happy that Peter is taking care of everything, your customers are happy about the personalized emails they are getting. Now everybody is happy!

By using SMTPeter, sending emails will be better than before and the feedback on your emails make it much easier for you and Peter to learn, adapt and make your next emails even better.