New features and updates

Use your own template identifier

Besides the incremental (and thus unique) ID SMTPeter gives to your templates, API endpoint now also accepts the template name as an identifier. Peter will initially search for a matching template ID. If he fails to find one, he will look for a matching template name and send out the mail based on that template.

Email Address Lookup Tool

A button has been added to the dashboard of your SMTPeter environment, presenting you the Email Address Lookup Tool. This tool searches through all logfiles and gives you insight in all events related to a given mail address. Give it a try!

General Data Protection Regulation

All users of SMTPeter process personal data by using SMTPeter. Starting May 2018, this means that both SMTPeter and its users have to comply with the European privacy regulation (GDPR).

In order to help you (as a data processor) respond briefly and correctly to a request for access by the data subject, the Email Address Lookup Tool will have a download button that constructs a data packet that you can send to the subject (the requestor). Moreover, functionality will be added to erase all data associated with a given email address, so controllers can comply with the right to data erasure.

Besides these additions to the functionality, it is important that a data processing agreement is signed. Peter is currently drawing one up for every user of SMTPeter and will provide it through the dashboard somewhere in the first months of 2018. You will be notified when your agreement is waiting to be signed.

Organise Templates in Folders

Since a couple of weeks we enable you to organise your SMTPeter templates better with the use of Template Folders. Simply create a folder and drag-and-drop your templates. The search functionality was adjusted and will recursively search through all folders.

Sender Domains are now mandatory

It is no longer possible to send out emailings without a properly configured Sender Domain. Attempts to send a mail with a from address that has no matching and validated Sender Domain will be ignored.