Development progress

At the time of this writing (march 2016), SMTPeter is a young working and stable service, but also still under active development. This means that it is safe to use, but that we have not yet added and implemented all the features that we like to eventually have. To keep you informed, we will therefore regulary post updates here about the progress that we make.

What is working?

SMTPeter simply works. You can inject email using SMTP or REST and (based on your setup) these emails are DKIM signed, and the hyperlinks in it are modified to track clicks and opens. The modified mails are then passed on to the actual recipient.

All the feedback from the deliveries that SMTPeter receives is processed and written to log files. This of course includes the succesful deliveries and the failures, but also all the clicks, opens, bounces, received DMARC reports, et cetera. All this data is written to log files on a big distributed multi-server, multi-disk storage cluster where it can be queried to extract statistics from it.

The SMTPeter dashboard allows you to setup your SMTPeter environment, and it has wizards to help you create DNS records so that you can easily make sure that your SPF, DKIM and DMARC records are optimized for deliveries through SMTPeter. You can use the dashboard to create credentials to access either REST and SMTP API.

What is coming up?

Both the dashboard and the API are being worked on so that you can not only use them to configure your environment and to send email, but also to get access to all the data that we have collected.

At the time of this writing, we only collect data, but we do not yet have tools for you to also retrieve this information from our systems. However, we are very actively working on this, and we expect to announce new and powerful methods and interfaces soon.