Automatic rotation of DKIM keys

We've covered a lot of topics on email security in our documentation. There's an introduction to the various email authentication standards and in depth information about sender domains.

One important aspect of DKIM keys which is often forgotten or simply not applied, is the renewal of the DKIM keys every now and then. You wouldn't hand over your house keys to a perfect stranger. Why not ensure the same level of scrutiny and security for your email systems? Now SMTPeter ensures the continued security of your systems, by rotating your DKIM keys automatically.

It's a best practice to rotate your DKIM Keys every six months. Before your DKIM key is six months old, Peter automatically generates a new DKIM key for you and sends instructions on how to install this new key to your mailbox. These instructions are, ofcourse, also available in your dashboard.

Peter will notify you when it is safe to remove the old DKIM key from your DNS.