Gmail feedback loops

Mails that are sent through SMTPeter now automatically get an extra "feedback-id" header. This header allows us to receive feedback from Gmail.

DKIM signing by Peter

All emails that pass through SMTPeter are now automatically DKIM signed by SMTPeter, using the private key of SMTPeter. This is an extra signature that is added to your emails alongside your own signatures.

Downloading log files

Earlier this month we wrote that although we are collecting data with respect to your mailings, you could not access these data yet. We are happy to announce that now you can access some of the data.

Development progress

At the time of this writing (march 2016), SMTPeter is a young working and stable service, but also still under active development. This means that it is safe to use, but that we have not yet added and implemented all the features that we like to eventually have. To keep you informed, we will therefore regulary post updates here about the progress that we make.

Gmail can now show your company logo next to your address

Google used the recent Safer Internet Day conference to announce great news. Two changes are coming to Gmail that give the receivers of email more visibility into the underlying trustworthiness of incoming emails.