Gmail to finally support responsive email design

Do you hear it? The joyous cries of email developers all over the world? Get ready to join in on it, because the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. Yesterday, Google announced that Gmail and Inbox by Gmail will finally support responsive email design using media queries, as well as embedded styles, later this month.

DMARC reports for SMTPeter

Sender domains have been available for SMTPeter for a while now. With sender domains, it is no longer needed for users to set up their own SPF, DKIM and DMARC records, and it makes sure everything gets sent with the same domain name. Now, we've made it possible to see DMARC reports in the sender domains interface as well. Because they are parsed, they are way easier to read and more meaningful.

Introducing WebHooks

Our sages have yet again come up with something to enhance your experience with SMTPeter: you get the option to set up WebHooks for bounces, failures, clicks and opens. With them, you'll be able to receive event notifications whenever something goes wrong while delivering your mail, or when recipients read or click it.

More consistency in bounce handling

We've removed a number of inconsistencies from our bounce handling and bounce forwarding procedures. We now better respect your envelope address, and forward more bounces and errors to your address.

Automatic DKIM key rotation

SMTPeter can now automatically rotate your DKIM keys. If you let your emails flow through our servers, you no longer have to take care of changing your DNS records to rotate your keys. Just follow the suggestions on the SMTPeter dashboard, and you get automatically rotating DKIM keys.