General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is rapidly approaching and will affect all organizations that process personal data, including SMTPeter and all its customers. As such it is important to take a close look at the rulings and to review the steps that will have to be taken.

New features and updates

Besides the incremental (and thus unique) ID SMTPeter gives to your templates, API endpoint now also accepts the template name as an identifier. Peter will initially search for a matching template ID. If he fails to find one, he will look for a matching template name and send out the mail based on that template.

Pure HTML templates

You probably already know that SMTPeter is not only an email gateway, but also a centralized template store. The editor for the templates has recently been enhanced. It now is possible to write the HTML code of the templates yourself, and you are no longer forced to use a drag-and-drop editor (although if you like the drag-and-drop editor, you can of course still use it).

Gmail is accepting emails up to 50MB

The likelihood of a bounced email "because of a big attachment" has dropped tremendously if you are using Gmail. Although sending emails over 25MB with this client is still impossible.

New: automatic webversion hosting

We've added a new feature to SMTPeter. If you use the SMTPeter cloud service to send email, you can now simply add a "click here for the webversion" link to your messages, without hosting the webversion yourself! SMTPeter recognizes the webversion link in your email, and hosts the webversion for you. This means that you no longer have to host your own webversions, and that you can easily have a personalized webversion for all your receivers.