Using ResponsiveEmail with SMTPeter

If you want to use SMTPeter for more than email delivery, and also want to create, save and edit templates in an easy to use interface, the ResponsiveEmail service is what you are looking for!

All email you send with ResponsiveEmail are delivered using SMTPeter. It also offers a well-documented API, for fetching templates and template statistics.

ResponsiveEmail also offers all delivery features SMTPeter does. However, inlining CSS is not nessecary because the editor does this automatically.

Drag & Drop template editor

ResponsiveEmail has been designed to do exactly as the name implies: create responsive emails. In order to make this as easy as possible we have built an easy-to-use drag & drop template editor.

Use your SMTPeter login details.

All Copernica's products can be accessed with the same login credentials. So if you already have an SMTPeter account, you can simply use your SMTPeter website details to log into ResponsiveEmail.

Get started with ResponsiveEmail

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